Susan Schreiner, the founder and editor of C4Trends.com, has been covering developments in consumer technology for an absurdly long time.  Today she is recognized by her industry peers as one of the preeminent consumer technology industry and events analysts and journalists.

Now Susan is expanding her reach and bringing her insights to the Web with the launch of C4Trends.com.  C4Trends.com’s reporting and analysis are based on Susan’s wide-ranging industry experience and contacts on a domestic and international basis.  She attends countless trade shows, conferences and company briefings in the U.S. and abroad.

In any given posting, C4Trends.com delivers to you practical, relevant or insightful news or industry analysis about what might be the ‘next big thing,’ news from trade shows, or the latest information about what’s hot — or anything that strikes our fancy.

Susan’s C4 Trends columns appear regularly in publications such as CE Vision Magazine. These columns were designed to give industry leaders insights into trends, and what to watch for in the marketplace that would give them leverage for competitive advantage.

So why should you follow us at C4Trends.com? Because C4Trends…

  • Provides you with a wide range of authoritative and opinionated coverage on ‘cool’ electronics, gadgets as well as convergence products and services from around the world — ranging from lifestyle, play, entertainment, appliances and wireless devices to med-tech and wellness.  C4Trends.com is a mix between fun, whimsy and seriousness
  • Offers something different from other tech sites and blogs because we look at products and services through the prism of innovative trends
  • C4Trends.com is about being a more informed consumer — or gaining additional insights into ‘cool’ or innovation for more informed purchases and business decision-making.  It’s about staying ahead of the curve and cutting through the jargon
  • Beyond just tracking ‘cool,’ C4Trends.com also looks to see how products and services stimulate creativity, and ultimately shape our social context
  • C4Trends.com is read by interested consumers, enthusiasts, professionals, and the investor community

Bottom Line: Based on decades of experience, we are able to cut through the hype — and offer insights on the latest in hot or breaking news as well as giving our readers honest and unfiltered opinions

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